Remember the Titans


Herman Boone (Denzel Washington): He is the head coach of the Titans. He was a coach in North Carolina but was passed over for a promotion because of his color. At first he does not want to take Yoast’s place as head coach but as he steps into the role, he realizes that his job is more than about just football.

Bill Yoast (Will Patton): He was the head coach of the TC Williams High School football team, but when the school board decided to integrate, he was pushed aside for Coach Boone to become the head coach. He was upset for most of the season and didn’t question bad referees or bad fans because he was waiting to be the leader of the team again.

Gerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst): He’s the captain of the “white” players. He dislikes Campbell at the beginning of the movie because he is scared. After he gets in a car accident which paralyzes him, he admits to Campbell (who is now his best friend) that he was hating the guy who would become his brother.

Big Julius Campbell (Wood Harris): He’s the leader of the “colored” players. At first he dislikes Bertier but the two were forced to be roommates and by the end of training camp, the two guys become best friends, like brothers.

Sheryl Yoast (Hayden Panettiere): She is Coach Yoast’s daughter. She’s a total tomboy and wants her father to get into the Virginia Football Hall of Fame more than anything. She does not like Coach Boone’s daughter because she is too “girly” but by the championship game, she at least has become used to the other girl.


It’s 1971 in Alexandria, Virginia. The public schools are beginning to integrate and one of the school board’s decisions is to put a black coach in charge of the football team at TC Williams High School. Both black and white players and coaches are not excited about the idea. Coach Herman Boone steps into the head coach position and brings the team together to fight for racial integration, friendship, and a state championship title.

Big issues/themes of the movie:

·      Racial integration in 1970s America

·      Rioting – a problem at schools that were integrating during the 1960s and 1970s in America

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